Posted by: cosmicgarden | February 26, 2009


this is the kiln I am going to buy –wonder if it will fit in my 280zx? I’d hate to have to drive the truck to Butte and back with no radio!  That is a very long drive!

An electric 328 J KILN…..MODEL B-23-H …VOLTS 240AC…SERIAL # 7506…AMPS 25…MODEL K…230 V.A.C-45-AMPS
1147 E. ELM AVE.




  1. did you buy the kiln? I was given this same kiln for free!! I just got a 220 plug put in the wall after having it for several months. I need some help, have questions was trying to find the manufacture….I”m striking out….its firing now…

    Hey one other thing…I used to own a 280Z 🙂

    e-mail me back if you get time!!! thanks

  2. I have a Sitter kiln Model K-10 230 Vac, 45 Amps
    US Pats Nos. 2675-600
    3- 287- 530″
    It measures across the outside top, from corner to corner-17- 1/2 ”
    outside top to bottom measures 14″

    Inside- top to bottom 9″
    inside corner to corner 10″

    It has a red metal box on the outside.

    I would like to know it’s value because I want to sell it. I don’t think it’s been used but a couple of times.

    Thank you for your time.

    Kay York

  3. Hey guys this is Russ in Indiana and I have a kiln made by these people and it is a very large kiln has 10 sides to it great shape trying to get a hold of the same people to get a book on it and cannot seem to come up with a phone number to call them, Any one have any info on them. Thanks

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