Posted by: cosmicgarden | March 14, 2009

Let the Right One In

What the hey, it’s still winter…

Here’s my movie review of this Swedish vampire love story.

It was a real treat to go down to the Wilma to watch Let the Right One In.  On Tuesday nights the movies are $5.50.  They showed it in one of the small theatre rooms off the lobby. It is small, cozy and intimate in there, only 100 seats and two other people watching.

The Wilma is awesome (breathe in that history and those vibes!) and they were having a special $3.00 for a double Caesar! You can’t beat that with a sharp stick! Rootbeer for the kids and an industrial size bag of buttered popcorn  — holy!

Colin said he liked it even though he did not expect to enjoy the subtitles.  But it didn’t matter we didn’t speak the language, it was still an interesting movie. Even Seven, who does not read English fluently at all, was engaged with the story.


Colin appreciated “no cheesy special effects.”  (There were a few,  understated.) Me too, it seemed  uncluttered. The fact that there weren’t many special effects made it all the more creepy to get a quick glance of her climbing up the side of a building in a blink.

The love story was sweet.

I also thought it was quite satisfying, in fact it was oh so satisfying, to see the bully get his head ripped off in the end.


photos courtesy of IMDB


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