Posted by: cosmicgarden | March 14, 2009

PolsonFreeShare and Blue Flax

Lots of people don’t know we have a freeshare group in Polson, Montana. It was originally a Freecycle group but has been operating as Polsonfreeshare for a few years now. Same thing, and I am hoping to see some more good stuff for the garden come through soon.  More bricks!  And grass clippings for compost yeah!  And of course I will be freecycling, er freeSHARING, all the periwinkle, and oregano starts I thin out. And iris and coneflower and daisies and ribbongrass.  And blue flax, I always love to share those since I struggled to get them to start from seed.  Once established they are so hardy nothing kills them but man they were a bugger to get going!  The last year I have been putting them along the foundation of the house when I thin out the other flower spots.  I think they will be great there since they are so very drought resistant they don’t require watering.  But there are always enough to share.  Most gardeners I know love to share. 


PolsonFreeShare, where one person’s trash is another’s treasure! Our goal is to reduce waste by connecting people who are throwing away unwanted items with others seeking the same items (and have a little fun in the process). No item is too big or too small; but since this is a FREEshare list, ALL items must be 100% (that’s right, you got it) free.
FreeShare lies somewhere between the garage sale and the dump, and is much cooler than either. It’s an innovative concept that harnesses the power of the Internet to do what the Internet does best — eliminate the middleman and empower the individual. It’s a perfect consumer-friendly circle: no overhead, no intermediaries, no money changing hands, no waste and no catch, and everyone’s happy.
PolsonFreeShare serves Polson and the Lake County, Montana area; people living in neighboring towns are also welcome.
Non-profit organizations are especially welcome!
Changing the world, one gift at a time.
To find similar groups in other areas, please visit

polsonfreeshare : PolsonFreeShare


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