Posted by: cosmicgarden | April 13, 2009

Lockerbie kickwheel

I worked on a wheel just like this one when I was pregnant with Colin. It was round, the pots were round, I was round, everything was so very zen….


This is a picture of the kickwheel I just went to Oregon to pick up.

Then there was a trip to the pottery supply store, Georgie’s in Portland. I have 150 pounds of clays and a bunch of glaze stuff and I am so excited!



  1. Oh my. I can hardly wait to see what wonders you create. Where did you put it?

    What kind of clay did you get? Do you have a friend with a kiln? You could build a small wood fire kiln in your back yard.

  2. Oh and to add, I LOVE wood fire items. Especially if you salt them. They feel so pure. Plus, you can have a nice little yard party to keep throwing in wood all night.

    • I have a kiln but don’t have anything set up yet. I would love to learn how to wood fire…send me info! I have so much to learn!

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