Posted by: cosmicgarden | May 3, 2009

Clary Sage – Salvia sclarea

I’ve started the seeds. Next year I will make clary sage omelets and jelly if the plants grow well.

Salvia sclarea

Family: Lamiaceae

Names: clarry, orvale, toute-bonne, clear eye

Description: The large leaves grow off a central stalk that bends with the weight of the flowers. It grows to a height of 3 feet with a width of 1 foot. The flowers are lilac or pale blue, pink or white, in whorls on top of the stems, with the upper lip curled up. The leaves are broad oval or heart-shaped, in pairs, 6-9 inches long, covered with fine silver-white hairs, almost stalkless. It blooms from June to July.

Cultivation: A biennial to zone 6. Germination is in 12-15 days. Space 2-3 feet apart. Soil temperature 70F. Soil should be well drained, fertile. Moist is preferred but it tolerates dry conditions with a pH of 5.3 to 7.2. Full sun. Seedlings started in spring will flower the following season. Plants self-sow.

Clary Sage – Salvia sclarea – HERBALPEDIA:encyclopedia of herbs – herbal healing – Maureen Rogers



  1. Hi there! Can you tell me where you found your Clary Sage seeds? I’ve been looking all over my area for seeds or starter plants but no luck.

    What else do you have in your garden?

  2. These seeds came from Johnny’s.
    I don’t have much planted yet but I’m working on it as the weather cooperates. Hopefully the snow is done but I’m not counting on it.

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