Posted by: cosmicgarden | May 4, 2009

How to Grow Tasty Beefsteak Tomatoes – Vegetable Gardener

Cool nights, those cool nights –such a gardening challenge. Usually right around 4th of July there are one or two nights where I can wake up and there is no chill in the early morning hours. But usually there is a little bit of crispness at night all summer long. I’m really hoping the Big Beef does well. Last year I grew only smaller types and I missed having a great big tomato!

few years back, we began the search to find a suitable replacement for ‘Celeb­rity’. The current holder of the title is ‘Big Beef’. It is an excellent producer, is disease resistant, and in our nonrigorous taste tests it rates better than ‘Celebrity’ does. Our choice for early-season production is ‘Burpee’s Early Pick’ hybrid. It was bred for cool night conditions and has consistently produced beautiful scarlet 8-ounce fruit 60 days from transplanting. The flavor is good, more sweet than acidic.

Big Beef tomato

‘Big Beef’ is a good producer, has some disease resistance, and tastes great.

How to Grow Tasty Beefsteak Tomatoes – Vegetable Gardener


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