Posted by: cosmicgarden | May 4, 2009

New Community Garden

Polson Gardens Alliance is starting the new South Shore Community
Garden and is now taking plot memberships and volunteer signups.  Be
part of a wonderful movement.  A community garden in Valley View will
also begin if we have enough support.  Polson Gardens Alliance is
wanting everyone with a garden to sign up to this network and support
forum. PGA will co-op a booth at the farmer’s market so any member with
extra garden produce can bring it to market.  Any extra produce will
find homes at area restaurants, donated to the food bank, or the
chickens!  Nothing need go to waste! Polson Gardens Alliance is also
supporting the “Plant a Row for the Hungry” campaign.  Please join the
effort and register your garden.  High school students wanting
volunteer hour credit can contact Mrs. Olsen at the High school.  Look
into this option for a summer job selling produce at the farmers
Markets. . We hope to join people, land, ideas, needs and products.
Anyone interested in joining the organizing team please call A.S.A.P.
for meeting information.  Spring planting is fleeting!  Call or email 
We will have a seed and plant swap on Memorial Day after the parade in
Polson until 3p.m. at the Aware Wellness Center, 601 4th Ave East. 
Refreshments and a demonstration on no-dig, weed-free, instant garden
beds for flowers or vegies will be given.  Bring your plants/seeds! 
Register your garden with us.   call Kelly at 883-1814


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