Posted by: cosmicgarden | May 4, 2009

Queen of the Night

Sweet peas ~ I remember picking sweet pea blossoms to decorate my humble abode years ago when my oldest son was only one. So now the scent, that spicy sweet-pea fragrance takes me back and brings back vivid memories and feelings. Sweet peas are like the underdog of flowers. For such an humble common seed they produce such deep and rich jewel colors. What a gift.

sweet peas 2009_05_04_12_27_15_Page_1 sweet peas 2009_05_04_12_27_15_Page_3 

These Queen of the Night are ones that I should be able to save seed from. With that in mind I am keeping them away from any other peas or sweet peas.  I have planted these in the front flower boxes by the street. One box is partially shaded so hopefully will stay somewhat cool and there are two small trellises. Yesterday I pulled out some grass that’s been trying to move in, added compost and some manure to the soils in the planter boxes, and planted the seeds. I had soaked them overnight and treated them with inoculant. 

sweet peas 2009_05_04_12_27_15_Page_2


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