Posted by: cosmicgarden | May 4, 2009

Red Prairie Mallow

This came from Gurney’s.  One of my first scatter gardens with wildflower seed grew a plant very much like this and I have been looking for a similiar flower ever since. It was gorgeous even in Gunnison’s weather extremes so I have high hopes for what this will do in northwest Montana’s relative mildness. I am planting it today in a new/rebuilt bed beside our new gateposts.  Oh and the new gate is so nice. It opens and closes  with one finger.  It latches effortlessly and it’s level and behaves nicely. The wheelbarrow fits through just right. So it only took 6 months to get it put in after saving up to purchase it, it was worth it!

Red Prairie Mallow

Red Prairie Mallow~The Miniature Hollyhock
Gorgeously ruffled carmine blooms appear all through the summer on the Red Prairie Mallow. Sturdy 30-inch stems–no staking needed. Makes a bright accent for borders and arrangements. Butterflies visit often. Best in full to partial sun. Cut back after blooming to encourage rebloom.
Potted Plants.
Zones: 4-9.

Red Prairie Mallow | Perennials from Gurney’s Seed and Nursery


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