Posted by: cosmicgarden | May 11, 2009

Practical Suggestions re Swine Flu

A local respiratory therapist said that frequently what happens with 
a Springtime flu is that starts off comparatively mild and becomes 
stronger over the summer by the Fall flu season it is  more virile. 
She said that because of the time frames in developing a vaccine it 
may be stronger and more serious by Fall and still with  no 
preventive vaccine.

She recommends that before coming into contact with others, or 
sharing a plane, etc. it is a good preventive to use a q-tip and put 
a touch of tea tree oil in each nostril. Tea tree oil is antifungal 
and antiviral so that any droplets you might inhale are destroyed.

She also recommend s using a supplement called astragulus to help 
build immune system.

She stressed frequent hand washing and keeping a hand disinfectant 
for frequent use.  She also suggested using clorox cleaners for 
household us as a disinfectant.


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