Posted by: cosmicgarden | May 14, 2009

Giving the Corporate Officials Who Poisoned Libby a Free Ride

 kootenai river

Folks in Libby and elsewhere in Western Montana are still shocked and confused by the jury verdict in a federal courtroom in Missoula that found the executives of W. R. Grace & Company, not guilty of all charges that they and their company had conspired to down play the seriousness of the asbestos poisoning caused by their mining activities and delayed the clean up and protection of those exposed to those deadly fibers.
With 200 residents dead and one thousand sickened and facing a slow death, Libby residents expected the company and its leaders to be held accountable for bringing this curse to their town and then systematically trying to hide the dangers in order to protect corporate profits. But legal proceedings to do that faced nearly impossible obstacles from the start in the form of a federal judge who just did not believe that business executives who were, as he repeatedly said, “just doing their job” should be held criminally responsible for the massive suffering and death caused by their actions. In addition, these well heeled business executives could draw on a deep well of financial resources to mount a massive counter-attack on the government’s accusations while the U.S. government scrimped by on the limited resources made available for this case.

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