Posted by: cosmicgarden | May 22, 2009

Behind the doghouse

Last year we grew the most beautiful birdhouse gourds in a bed on the other side of a fence behind the doghouse.  I fell in love with the vines, big huge heart-shaped leaves which were unexpectedly SOFT like velvet.  And the huge white flowers which really popped open at night. Oh my, in the twilight they just glowed!  And of course the gourds were neat too.  I tied them all to twine and hung them all winter and they are thoroughly dried now but not exactly pretty!  One of these days I’ll decide on a craft to use them for. 

romano beans_Page_1 romano beans_Page_2  

That spot (I’m calling it “the doghouse bed”)had terrible weeds before but a couple big bags of grass clippings last year smothered most of them. Today I put down more cardboard, more straw, compost and manure, and planted the rest of the romano beans to grow on the fence there.  At the east end of the bed I planted the rest of the spaghetti squash seeds from last year. There were enough for one hill. I didn’t have quite enough romano pole beans so added some Kentucky Wonder too, at the back of the bed along the fence.  In the front of the bed I planted bush romano beans, Early Bush Italian.  I’m not done planting beans yet, but will have to find more room somewhere.

I still have one nice spaghetti squash left from last year’s harvest. I just stored them in baskets I made squash fritters with the last ones about a month ago.  I really like something that keeps so well. And they were GOOD! spaghetti squash_Page_1  spaghetti squash_Page_2


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