Posted by: cosmicgarden | May 22, 2009

Pantry Bed

Right out the back door, on the south side of the pantry, there is a nice bed we built last year. It’s about 12 feet long and 2 feet deep. This year we repaired it with some corner brackets, added lots of compost, and I planted oats and clover on it several weeks ago.  That’s where I heeled in the trees waiting for their permanent spots.  It’s a nice and warm place, and I decided to plant my special plants there. The oca which arrived some time back had been started in small pots and I planted that along the front.  Nasturtiums in between the oca.  I think that will look so pretty–you know how lovely oxalis is and the nasturtium will add color.  I scratched the seeds a bit and soaked them for an hour.

nasturtium_Page_1  nasturtium_Page_2

Behind that I planted a row of ginger, from roots I had growing in a pot over the winter.

And behind that, with a piece of wire fence to grow up, romano beans. I treated them with inoculant before planting.


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