Posted by: cosmicgarden | May 29, 2009

Beginning at the front shed

Northstar pepper, Kentucky Wonder pole beans, a small Anaheim pepper, magenta sunset swiss chard.

 thornless raspberry, pepper plant hiding

Thornless raspberries and a grapevine have been there for a few years.

May 025 May 026

They were kind of neglected. I hope they will do better with some care now.

Northstar peppers, onions and basil.  May 027

May 028

May 029 Horseradish lives in a bucket sunk in the ground.

Continuing along the fence I planted “Cinderella’s Carriage” antique french pumpkins (should be good for pie!) then golden hubbard (willing it to be a long summer) and Lakota –a rare native squash.  In the tradition of the three sisters, in each hill I put Painted Mountain corn, and some scarlet runner beans.  Three small hills of a squash I started the seeds for earlier.  Delicata, I think.  I threw a bunch of crimson clover seeds around to grow between and around the squash. It is gorgeous! And–bonus is I hear the song Crimson and Clover in my head as I water it.  Ha ha. I can barely get to that bed because cars are parked there. So whatever grows may need to be able to be ignored for a while. I have a drip hose through there and may put in a few more emitters if it needs it. It’s good and wet now but I’ll test the drip in a few days. I put an electric fence line to keep our dogs from pounding the bed along the fence as they like to do when barking at the neighbor dogs.  So far I only turned it on for a little bit this morning and I heard Xena discover it. She said “yarch!” I felt mean for about one second, then I remembered we have to eat.  The wire is the high visibility tape—she won’t touch it again, I’ll wager. I tested it myself. It was not terribly painful, but it was definitely not comfortable.


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