Posted by: cosmicgarden | June 4, 2009


bird tomato I cleaned out one small raised bed and put in 4 Early Girl tomatoes, and some onions. And I dug lots of little borage seedlings from the path and stuck them in there as well.

 parsnip bed 2

In another large raised bed I didn’t clean out much at all. Just a few weeds. There were a lot of baby poppies in there and I just left them. Along with a giant parsnip which I left to go to seed.  I put in about 6 Big Beef tomatoes.  Two were plants we purchased and the others were very small ones I had started from seed. I started them late then neglected them. It will be interesting how they compare!

parsnip bed big beef

I also weeded out the asparagus a bit more yesterday and put straw mulch around the edges.   Some of the new plants are coming up and I want to give them a bit more time before mulching heavily so as not to smother the babies that aren’t up yet.

I’m not done yet. Today is June 1st and I should be done, but I still have several other beds to clean out.  One was an herb bed with perennials and I had been fighting the damn grass in there for years. I weeded it out very well (I thought) last year and the grass is just crammed in there now.  So I give up. I’m starting over on it.  I’m going to take the wheelbarrow and a shovel and dig it out and start all over.

My back hurts!


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