Posted by: cosmicgarden | June 8, 2009


tent bed

We put up a car tent to keep my Datsun out of the weather.  There are only a few feet between that and the fence and I want to grow something in that space. It will not get the afternoon sun so I might be dreaming but I’m putting in winter squash there. I figure I can train it up the fence and it should get sun most of the day if it reaches up a bit. And in the fall it will be protected on one side so might be able to go longer. It’s a gamble I know.  I also transplanted some sunflowers there, volunteers from the bed I weeded out yesterday.  I love sunflowers along a fence.

tent 2

The squash I am putting there are: more Cinderella’s Carriage pumpkins, Golden Hubbard, Sweet Meat (looks strange on the seed packet!) and Sunshine Hybrid (thanks, Bev’s Bloomers!) a little squash that looks like a mini pumpkin, supposed to be sweet and nutty.  And I’m going to throw in some bush acorns on the end.

To build the bed I put cardboard, then a thick layer of hot grass clippings (that’s what’s in the big black plastic bags (Thanks Mr. Shieke!) Then some manure and compost mix and two bags of nasty Hyponex potting soil (that stuff is awful!)  If they called it topsoil I would expect it to be as hard and heavy as it is, but I would recommend never using it in an actual pot if you want a plant to grow in it.  


In the old bed along the same fence by the workshop/storage/teenager bedroom I planted some Golden Acorn  hill, then a clump of Black Mammoth Sunflowers and Tall Trailing Mix Nasturtiums in front, Golden Acorn hill, sunflowers and nasturtiums again, then a block of swiss chard from Kelly, and some butterhead lettuce started earlier.

I put an Alaska Columbine from Cathy Billie in next to the clematis that has been neglected there forever, and some forget-me-nots started from seed.


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