Posted by: cosmicgarden | June 9, 2009

the Herb Bed

I’m saying that with a hard H as if I’ve named it.  

I dug out the oregano bush again, and a ton of strawberries, chives, and some lemon balm.  While I was doing that I harvested two big bunches of oregano and they are hanging in the kitchen to dry. Also harvested a bunch of chives and after my experience wasting them all last year, THIS year I am going to make chive butter and freeze it.  And pull it out when there’s a nice steak or baked potatoes. Yum!  I piled thick thick layers of newspaper and cardboard on top of all the grass and weeds.  The grass in that bed was BAD. Then I put a thick layer of straw, manure, compost, and some potting soil.  Mike fixed one of the soaker hoses so I put that in there.  I replanted Lemon Balm, Oregano, and Chives.  In between I planted burnet seeds from the lady in Kalispell last winter, and lovage seeds from my mom.  2 or 3 anaheim pepper plants and 6 or 8 thai pepper plants too, since it will take a while for the herbs to get big.  It is quite windy today, my hat kept blowing off.  About 70 and very comfortable.

Strawberries and Chives smothered by weeds.strawberry chive weeds

The Herb bed full of grass and weeds.

herbs before

The Herb bed cleaned out and replanted!herb bed 2

I think this bed is going to need some color so I’ll throw a few poppy seeds on there too. Heirloom Crimson Legion of Honor.  Sounds beautiful.

Strawberries replanted in their own bed.DSC04370

The Herb bed and the strawberry bed – done!

herb bed strawberries



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