Posted by: cosmicgarden | June 22, 2009

Along the fence


I have been so busy planting this week!  I finished up planting the beds along the fence on the east side.

I put in tomatoes, peppers, pole beans, bush beans, summer savory, lavender bergamot, epazote, dill, and sweet marjoram.  I put borage in the back along the fence, transplanting the volunteers where I want them. It’s going to be beautiful in a month.

I have been pulling lots of weeds from the edges of the beds and planting crimson clover there instead.  I feel so lucky we’ve had these nice rainy cool days, the clover is already sprouting!

There’s another small asparagus bed near the back where we added a few more asparagus plants this year.  It had quite a few weeds there but I cleaned it out well and added a lot of beautiful compost. I also put in some tomatoes and borage.  And tucked in some more of the butterhead lettuces started earlier from seeds.  I have to take a picture of this little bed tomorrow, it is so sweet.

I had the boys dig up the hops vine and moved it across the yard.  That thing was AMAZING.  They had to dig a crater to get the roots. I plan to train it over the swing so as to have a shady place to sit in the afternoons.  It was looking pretty sad but is putting out new shoots so it should be fine. The lady I bought it from several years ago called it their “little hops of horrors” because it was SO vigorous. Once it gets going it is just fierce!

Sad Hops!

sad hops

More nasturtiums here and there as I went along. I’ve never had a huge crop of them before, and I am hoping that by planting many many of them this year I will finally be able to see and learn what it is they really like.

Last year we planted 4 American Filbert bushes in the back corner of the lot.  They are still very small but look healthy. I am hoping to have nuts from them some year. This year I put in hills of squash around them.  Also some more peppers and a perennial poppy. 




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