Posted by: cosmicgarden | June 28, 2009

Coral Canyon – Twinspur

I rebuilt the flowerbed in front of the front steps (which Mike has almost finished rebuilding.)  I divided and replanted the autumn joy sedum —what a performer it is!  There were a few other types of sedum and hen and chicks that I replanted there as well. I moved more of the autumn joy and all of the mountain bluet to the new iris patch by the street.  So that patch now has a row of bluet, a row of iris and a row of sedum.  Next year it will be beautiful.

Ace had a sale on some nice perennials for $2.99 each, so I splurged and added some plants. 

Coral Canyon twinspur is lovely, and should do well there.  I have had a hard time getting lavender established here.  Leta had given me a plant and I thought it was okay in that bed but it didn’t live through the winter.  I replaced it and am optimistic that this one will be the star right there. The twinspur and the lavender look nice together and tucked a creamy gray little creeping stonecrop sedum “Cape Blanco” in at the edge beside them.

Three clumps of autumn joy with campanulas in between. Different kinds, one is rotundifolia, Bluebell of Scotland, “Olympica” and another medium blue “Canterbury Bells”  and one called poscharskyana Blue Waterfall “Camgood” which is low spreading.    I tucked in some elfin thyme, golden thyme, and veronica repens Creeping Speedwell in the rocks around the edges.

I have some doubts, the campanulas like it a bit moist and the sedums like it a bit dry, so they may not be the ideal companions.  On the other hand, it is not going to really be moist anywhere on the property and the campanulas under the pine tree do well in spite of rather dry conditions, so we’ll see…

Anyway, it had been about 10 years since that bed got some serious help. Last time I started with newspaper and a very shallow bit of soil, going for the true “rock garden” look.  This time I made it deeper to support something other than just sedums.

I will post a picture soon.



Diascia integerrima ‘Coral Canyon’

Common Name: “Twinspur”

Photo courtesy of Center Greenhouses

(Narrowleaf Twinspur) Diascia ‘Coral Canyon’ is a hardy twinspur with soft pink oval flowers that are displayed on graceful spikes. This long blooming beauty will brighten the garden from Spring through Fall! At only 15 inches tall, it makes a nice compact display in the front of the border.

Diascia integerrima Coral Canyon – Twinspur – from Garden Crossings


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