Posted by: cosmicgarden | June 28, 2009

Prairie Mallow didn’t make it

So I planted an oenothera. Evening Primrose, named Black Magic.  And a Husker’s Red Penstemon and another unknown plant that looks like a variegated penstemon.

These are in the front bed, the “ant bed” that I rebuilt earlier.  Also something that seems to be a “weed” but is some type of mustard.  I think I’m going to eat it. See Below.

By the front shed I planted another delphinium, my favorite of all flowers, Black Knight.  And a virginia creeper start from Kelly’s yarden.  It is near the clothesline post where we just removed an old wild rose and are planning to make a new bed.


I don’t know exactly what it is but it tastes good.

 2009 238 2009 237

Bambi roast in the crockpot definitely looks like it needs some greens. Carrots were on the bottom

2009 239

Chopped and stirred in.

2009 240


It was strong enough to hold up and cook for a while in the crockpot. Great flavor.

2009 241


Teenage boys came through when it was done and in one sweep half of the pot was gone.  Then I added water, dried tomatoes from last year and mixed vegetables so the roast became stew.   Good for one more meal.



  1. Love this garden journal–and the photo of the greens. We got a handful of French sorrel starts in April and had our first salad from them last night. REALLY strong taste, but I love it!

    Also, didn’t know that Polson has a microbrewery–that’s a real plus. Newport has Rogue Ale and it’s fun to have really good beer that’s “home grown”. They have outrageous names for some of theirs–like Dead Guy Ale.

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