Posted by: cosmicgarden | June 28, 2009

The Official "Garden Spot"

So I finally made it back to the official “garden spot.”  We had planted a couple dozen tomato plants there last year, with the ground covered in black plastic and soaker hoses under the plastic.  That worked very well.  It used to be our chicken yard and the first year I grew tomatoes there it was fantastic.  I needed to grow something else this year so put the tomatoes along the fence instead.  Last fall we put bags and bags of leaves on the spot and I am happy to say there were no weeds at all there even though I didn’t get anything put in there ’til June!  I did find bindweed roots underneath the mats of leaves but all in all the deep mulch was nice. Plus the smell of wet rotting leaves brings back nostalgic memories of playing in the creek as a child…. 

The leaves were so deep I just needed to rake a bunch of them out in order to get down to the dirt.  And I had run out of room so I did end up having to put a few tomatoes in there in the corner.  And a few peppers.  So I made a tomato island or two.  And beside the peppers transplanted a bunch of kale Kelly had started.  And planted more kale seeds.  Italian Heirloom Kale Lacinato.  And chard, beets, rutabaga, mustard, more beans, more tomatoes, more peppers, and radishes, including the special podding radishes I ordered after my experiments last year.

The garden has no rows but trapezoidal beds and angles and a curve around a big new compost cage (where I planted beans and the last of the painted mountain corn around it.)  Oh, and one whole side of the garden is black zuchinni…

I will post pictures shortly


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