Posted by: cosmicgarden | July 18, 2009

Fresh Papaya Salad with Prawns and Garden Greens

The green sprigs are lemon basil from the garden (wish there had been more but I need to let it grow some more!)  The purple leaves are red orach.  The blue stars are borage blossoms — just a few picked on the fly as I walked through the garden. 

This is the garnish for tonight’s salad.

2009 038sm

I like to let blossoms soak in a bowl of cool water for a while in case there should happen to be any earwigs hiding inside.

Here is a link to the recipe:  Fresh Papaya Salad with Prawns and Garden Greens

Costco had papayas and while we were in Missoula last I snagged one. It has been ripening on the table for the last week or so and is perfect today.  I got a huge kick out of tossing the seeds out by the handfuls and watching the chicks chase after them. I am going to make this to go with dinner.  I picked a nice butterhead lettuce last night, and soaked some shrimp in brine before cooking, peeling and cooling.  Our tomatoes are still tiny but Mike found a couple nice ripe ones at the store and some coconut milk. The nasturtium in the pantry bed are HUGE so I picked a bunch of those blossoms and some borage flowers to go in it too.  Just because!

The tomatoes looked so pretty in Wendy’s bowl. Mike keeps fresh fruit on hand and gets more every day so the teenagers have something good to snack on.

2009 021sm

2009 045sm

I had to make a few substitutions. We didn’t have lime so I used lemon juice but also added some Cholula chile lime seasoning to the dressing. I used sriracha for the chile sauce–good heat.  It was fantastic.  The spiciness of the dressing and the nasturtiums was mellowed by the coconut cream and coolness of the cucumbers and chilled shrimp.    I chopped the lemon basil and tossed it on the shrimp first so it wouldn’t get lost in the greens on the bottom.

2009 049sm  2009 051sm

2009 048sm

Everyone loved it!  Mike said it was “refreshing!”



  1. Oh my gosh, that is a plate full of wonderful goodness. Yummy and so beautiful!

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