Posted by: cosmicgarden | July 19, 2009

Woodland garden

My friend was looking for ideas for her woodland fairy garden.  I thought I’d go see what is blooming today under our pine tree.

Coral bells –I think they would like a bit more sun, in fact I’ve seen them blooming far more spectacularly elsewhere, but, they do okay in partial shade too.  The foliage is pretty even when they are not blooming. This is not a great picture but just to throw out some ideas.2009 013sm

Some lilies do well in partial shade.  This was an easter lily that came in a pot as a gift many years ago.  I didn’t know if it would come back but it does every year!

 2009 014sm

Here is a close up–it has such beautiful freckles!

2009 014crsm

Here is some ribbon grass which can be invasive. I planted it there thinking it would brighten up the shade under that tree.  It wants to take over and I’m not sure if I will try to eradicate it or if we can live with each other.  This is just a little bit that is left after I brutally whacked it back earlier this year. Anyone who would like some just let me know. I’ve got some already potted up to share.  In the back of this picture near the tree trunk is lily-of-the-valley which finished blooming earlier.  There is also some lobelia, an annual, which I just stuck in here and there to fill in besides some hostas that are new and small. 

2009 016sm

The spade-shaped leaves next to the tree is lily-of-the valley.  When it blooms the perfume is strong and lovely!  It spreads and is quite hardy and tolerates dry conditions.2009 017sm

Sweet woodruff is done blooming but is a beautiful ground cover in partial shade under a tree. This is a close-up picture, to show the form of the leaves, and doesn’t show scale very well. In real life the leaves are quite small and dainty. It grows only a few inches tall and the flowers are tiny when it blooms.

2009 015sm 


This is a coral bells with variegated foliage.2009 030sm


This is a siberian bugloss or Brunnera named “Jack Frost.”

2009 031sm


These plants are all growing under this tree in the front yard.  Next year I will get pictures of the wood hyacinths blooming, and the frittilaria-which is spectacular and really LIKES the shade.  Also the columbine –it’s just all about done now.  For some reason the two bleeding heart plants were much smaller this year, I think I damaged them when I did some serious weeding under there. Snowdrops and grape hyacinths also bloom there in their time earlier in the season.2009 034sm



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