Posted by: cosmicgarden | July 20, 2009

Pea pickin’

2009 008 sm

2009 009sm 

This is the driveway bed: salvia, clematis, peas, poppies in the back.  The ruby chard in this bed is getting chewed up by something, but the peas are perfect.  Good thing there is chard planted in other spots!  I love to hate the oriental poppies.  They certainly bloom with a gusto!

2009 010sm

See the peas?! Yum!  The purple blooms are some type of salvia. It has been several years and I can’t remember its name.

2009 011sm 

There are two trellises but I just stuck some sticks in the soil for the peas.  I should have put more, they are starting to fall forward.  The oriental poppies that were on the right-hand side of this bed are done, but the ones on the left are just now blooming since it’s cooler there.

2009 012sm

This bed is good for this—it was in the 90’s today yet this is cool on the east side of the house.  Clematis, peas, and salvia. The chewed up chard is not visible in this picture.  I suppose I should document that as well!

2009 019sm

Just a handful for now–Mike’s going to grill them with other veggies!

2009 023sm

He’s going to put some italian dressing on them when they’re grilling.

2009 059sm2009 064sm

Here’s Mike and his crew putting the ribs on the grill.   Funny how it only ever takes one hotdog dropped on the ground and then you have a fan club for life…

2009 052sm 

When the meat’s half done he puts in the veggies.  That’s a tin of soaked cherry sticks in the lower left corner of the grill.

2009 067sm


Sweet cherries from our trees for dessert!2009 020sm


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