Posted by: cosmicgarden | July 24, 2009

Random stuff

Well the other day she asked me what a worm tastes like and I was a bit impatient.

The questions are endless and after so much of it I am all out of answers.

I said “I don’t know, go ahead and taste one for yourself.”

I didn’t think she’d actually taste one with no more discussion!

But there she was with her tongue on the end of that worm.

I said “don’t!” — but she’d already licked it.

Today I asked her what worms taste like and she rolled her eyes at me and said, “They taste like nothing.”

2009-072009 031sm

Beans and nasturtiums have nearly overgrown the oca.

The red perilla is not visible at all. 

2009-072009 032sm

Today I picked twice as many peas as the other day, a large colander-full.

I don’t want to do any cooking today.  I have leftover cold salad made with cucumber, cabbage, jicama and grilled chicken.

And if someone wants something a bit more substantial there is leftover vegetable curry and rice.

I do need to do something with a bunch of long long green beans I couldn’t resist at the market.

I am thinking something sweet, spicy, and sesame for them.

Maybe grilled too?

I’ll have to think about it some more.

2009-072009 034sm

The beneficial nematodes arrived today by Priority Mail. Steinernema Feltier.

I was planning where I would treat, like the driveway bed where the chard is being chewed.  And several other places.

Then I read this stuff is good to kill ants as well.

And I got a glimmer of hope.

Those damn ants that I gave up on have now moved or expanded and are building a new city 10 feet out in front of my front door.

Where hapless guests have a habit of walking and standing.

Do I dare hope the microscopic steiners can do the job?

I bought four different kinds of ant traps and ant bait last year.

Two different kinds the year before.

I might give it a try.

I’m going to put this stuff out as soon as the sun starts to go down.


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