Posted by: cosmicgarden | August 30, 2009

Driving to Missoula

Lewis and Clark spent quite a bit of time wandering around Montana. lctrail

I love driving around Montana. I live at the south end of Flathead Lake, which is the huge lake in the Northwest corner of the state. It’s the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi, and is visible from space!  And it is COLD and DEEP!


The satellite picture shows the lake looking big and black.  Kalispell is north of the lake, Polson is at the very south tip, and Missoula is an hour’s drive south of that.

The Mission Mountains are a long straight range of 10,000 ft. peaks on the east side of the highway from Polson south to Missoula.

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It was a cloudy day my last trip to Missoula. The Datsun was made for the road.

2009-081009 013sm

Lots of big space in the valley.

2009-081009 015sm

Big clouds, big mountains.

2009-081009 018sm

A pretty little doe right by the bridge on Higgins in downtown Missoula.

2009-081009 028sm

Above the university there is a big “M” on the mountain. This photo is a view of Missoula from the M,  showing Grizzly Stadium and the Clark Fork river running through it.

photo by prizrak2084

It’s nice to be able to go to Missoula for things like the Wilma Theatre, oh, and Taco Bell.


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