Posted by: cosmicgarden | November 16, 2009

burdock and claytonia

I am looking at the seed catalogs now, thinking about next year’s garden.  After clearing out all the old seed the year before, this year I ended up with quite a bit of seed left over. But will still need to buy some more. More provider beans and zuke/summer squash seed for sure. I don’t know much about this miner’s lettuce or burdock (for some reason it sounds like animal food to me) but I am interested. The season was so short this year I’d like to try some new hardy varieties.


Cold-hardy salad green.
Claytonia (Miner’s Lettuce)
(Claytonia perfoliata or Montia perfoliata)

Cold-hardy salad green.
Quantities of heart-shaped leaf pairs, each "wrapped" around a white-flowered stem. Hardiest of the winter salad greens, can tolerate moderate frost and can be grown all winter in mild regions or in cold greenhouses. The taste of the young leaves is wild and fresh. Suitable for multiple cuttings.




Regarded as both a nutritious vegetable and curative medicinal these long roots store well. Burdock is the hardiest root vegetable and winters in the garden easily for spring digging. Work the soil deeply for best crop. Cook like carrots.

Johnny’s –


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