Posted by: cosmicgarden | November 21, 2009

10-04-09 Squash Harvest


The pumpkin she is sitting on is from a friend’s garden. I grew the smaller bright orange one, it’s the variety called Cinderella’s Carriage and it was the sweetest pumpkin I’ve ever tasted. It was so delicious! I made pumpkin chocolate cheesecake bars a la Martha with that one.  The big one was a massive jack-o-lantern for halloween, and was roasted and fed to the chickens the following day. 


It was a disappointing tomato harvest this year with a late start and early finish to the growing season plus other challenges.  I had some blight on a couple plants and some blossom end rot too but luckily had planted several varieties in several locations so ended up with a few boxes full.  All of the tomatoes have been turned into sauce and canned or frozen.  The winter squashes are all cured nicely and will keep nicely for months in boxes on the kitchen floor under the table.  The kitchen floor is quite cool and last year we ate the last spaghetti squash on June 19th! That’s how long it lasted, with no loss of quality that I could perceive.

So I’ve got a good supply of different squashes and pumpkin, and a wonderful resource for recipes to try. I want to try each of the smitten kitchen winter squash / pumpkin recipes on this page, especially the savory dishes, mmmmm……..

Roasted Acorn Squash with Chile-Lime Vinaigrette

Pumpkin and Other Winter Squash Recipes | smitten kitchen



  1. Cheryl,

    I too had a disappointing tomato crop with only a few boxes. Most had to be wrapped in paper and some still haven’t ripened. I am wondering how you cure your squash.

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