Posted by: cosmicgarden | April 11, 2010

April 10, 2010

It was such a beautiful morning yesterday, I stopped at the top of the hill to snap a picture.  I am bummed about the spot on the lens, dang it! Well, anyway, you can get the idea.  It’s not easy to see that there is very little snow up there this year.  Not good.

Mission Mountains 04/10/10 by you.

I was heading to Missoula and looking forward to a workshop on death penalty abolition and to hear Helen Prejean speak. I was quite interested to hear the latest research, as I did a project on capital punishment about 18 years ago and am wanting to see more recent data.

Everything was fine ‘til I got down to the Orange Street Exit. I noticed a puff of steam coming out from under the hood.

I love that Missoula is small enough to find a place to park in a hurry.2010 008

It wasn’t a white charger, but a Mercury Sable is close enough!

The man in the RV was very nice and helped me look at things once it cooled off enough to check under the hood. And checked on me while I spent a couple hours waiting for the knights in shining armor to come. Small world! Tom Whitehead from Spokane, and he went to school with his friend John Stephens who is the assistant Chief of Police in our town of Polson. Tom and his brothers were in town for a few days to be near their father who was in the hospital.

Here you can barely see the M on the mountain in the background.

2010 006

This is a corner of St. Pat’s to the left.

2010 005 

I feel fortunate that Mike was able to get our skillful and generous neighbor to come help.

 2010 007 

2010 010


Emergency car repairs are not really in my budget right now but I had just enough cash so I guess it could have been worse. I have been trying to save for a new dryer but alas, it looks as though the clothesline is in our future for some time yet to come. I expect this new water pump on the car to last another hundred thousand miles or as long as the body holds out.

I need to bake a cake for these guys. I also felt lucky the sun was out and it was a nice day.

What a stroke of luck.


 2010 012



  1. Aw what nice friends.

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