Posted by: cosmicgarden | June 20, 2010

Minnesota Beet Harvest

2005 Beet Harvest MN 007 mike

In 2005 my husband Mike (in the stripes) got in on a several weeks of the family tradition driving truck for beet harvest.

I missed him at home since I was working full-time with three kids in school and trying to put up our own garden harvest during that time.

We had a glut of tomatoes and I was picking and canning like crazy and I missed all his help that I sometimes take for granted!



 2005 Beet Harvest MN 010 loading

2005 Beet Harvest MN 011 uncle johnny Uncle Johnny, Dad’s brother.

2005 Beet Harvest MN 012 doug

My sister Anne’s husband, Doug.

Anne is a math teacher, and Doug drives truck for a living.


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