Posted by: cosmicgarden | July 10, 2010

A walk around the garden

2010 071010 044

The yellow blossoms are a type of sedum ground-cover along the front gravel path.


I weeded like crazy last night and today. Today I massacred millions of aphids. I have never seen them so bad on the lupines. I don’t know why this year is so different. I did see a few ladybugs.  I decided not to use poisons.  My gardens are so alive, crawling with bugs of all kinds, and zillions of spiders and creepy-crawling things. I am finally getting less squicky about it. As long as they don’t bite me I’m okay with them.  Trying to keep just this one little spot as free from chemicals and pesticides as possible.  It’s truly disturbing to think of how polluted our environment is.

I realized I hadn’t been keeping up with my garden journal so went around and took some pictures.  This late in the afternoon the light was too bright but  if I wait ‘til a better day it will be snow!


2010 071010 043 

One of the campanulas (bell-flower) blooming in one of the front rock gardens. There are several kinds and this one is quite showy with fat blue flowers.

2010 071010 042

There were columbines of all colors this year but they are all almost done except for this cream-colored one still going under the tree.

There were blue, red, pink, and yellow, new giant ones and small old antique and wild ones. Aphids love columbines.

2010 071010 041

This pink columbine was hiding in the shade.

2010 071010 040

Lungwort is new this year. Dappled beauty indeed!

2010 071010 039

I forget the name of this one, I planted it last year and it came back beautifully.

2010 071010 038

It got really big for one year old!

2010 071010 037

Lilies of any kind are my favorites.

2010 071010 036

Sweet William comes here and there every year.



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