Posted by: cosmicgarden | August 19, 2010

08/18/10 Crazy to plant anything so late

Earlier, in April, I looked out the kitchen window and saw her decorating the pavers out back.  Each one with a pinecone.

2010 007 2010 006


Today I couldn’t help it, I planted some kale in the driveway bed where I cleaned out the pea vines last week.  The plan is they will grow quickly and be fine through Indian summer and fall, right?

That wasn’t the craziest part, though.   I also planted some little cupidon beans in the L garden.  There was bare space where I’d cleared out all the spent lupines and columbines.  And it’s hot there, in full sun, and these beans need about 50 days. Will they get 50 days?

Kind of doubtful, but I didn’t waste a lot of seed, a small handful.

I suppose if I don’t get beans the plant material will be good organic matter for the soil….

And the climate change trend is on my side.

Who knows?

What the heck.  Next year I am going to do the garden right and not get so distracted with other projects!


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