Posted by: cosmicgarden | October 3, 2010

Keep Missoula Weird

The title of this post refers to the mantra and bumper sticker  seen around town.  I had a workshop in the morning and a few hours to wait before my friends from Polson were to join me for a show and event to help the Blue Mountain Clinic.  Beautiful Missoula, where there are so many interesting things and people to see!


My photos of the Ghetto Gypsy bus didn’t turn out, since it surprised me each time I saw it and it was a moving target!  I have no idea why it was driving around Missoula yesterday, but fleeting glimpses of the people inside made me wonder who they were and where they were going. I wasn’t surprised to learn it had been to Burning Man.

I also was quite curious to see what the Purple Witch with a Petition was all about.  But my foot was too sore for me to get down to her, she was down the block and across the street.

I did find out why the Guerilla Girls were there.

Here’s a small video –I saw beautiful people dancing the tango in front of the Downtown Dance Collective  where Lost Dog Productions was having  “A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Nothing”.  Fun!  (and I love their logo)


lost dog productions

I saw two guys walking along together, both of them looking down at their blackberries, texting.  I wondered if they were texting each other.

keep missoula weird mary and bob

I was drawn to the music and did not recognize the lady at first. She looked different playing music on the street and it wasn’t ‘til she told me her name I remembered her as someone I knew many years ago.  The music was lovely and I recorded a bit of it here:


The University Women’s Center had a Take Back the Night march to protest the violence and fear which permeate the lives of women worldwide.  – I say “right on, sisters!”  They marched on up to the Zootown Arts Community Center where Slowly but Shirley was to play.  Shirley photos taken by an interesting man image and gifted photographer I had the pleasure of meeting at the Love Your Mother Earth festival last June.  He was wearing his red white and blue!  Best message I’ve heard yet from anyone looking like Uncle Sam.  Oh wait, Eric Schwartz was pretty good too.  His commentary on Clinton and George Bush was the best!  Fortunately I don’t have to choose and I have lots of favorites.

My friends arrived and we drank some wine at the Loft and met some inspiring people and the wonderfully talented ladies from Broad Comedy.  I learned that Katie Goodman is Ellen Goodman’s daughter!  I just love them.

So, I think the mantra is working 🙂



  1. Lurve the weirdness! I always wanted to go to Burning Man!

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