Posted by: cosmicgarden | March 20, 2011

Cyclamen-leaf Violet

Viola Koreana

Sow just below the surface in a high quality seedling mixture. Provide temperatures of 65F or higher. Keep evenly moist & provide light and high humidity.

Started seeds in jiffy mix today.


Garden Babies Butterhead Lettuces

Seven and I got a huge laugh out of the name and the way it sounds and it’s so fun to say and the mental images. Butterhead. Garden Babies Butterhead. Yum. Smile



epazote 2011_03_20_16_12_590001

epazote 2011_03_20_16_12_590002


Red Lightning Hybrid Tomato

red lightening hybrid 2011_03_20_16_34_230001

red lightening hybrid 2011_03_20_16_34_230002

Fireball Tomato

Fireball 2011_03_20_17_03_560001Fireball 2011_03_20_17_03_560002

Kaleidoscope Pepper Mix

kaleidoscope mix 2011_03_20_17_11_490001kaleidoscope mix 2011_03_20_17_11_490002

Rellenos Best Hybrid

rellenos best hybrid 2011_03_20_17_18_490001rellenos best hybrid 2011_03_20_17_18_490002

Sweet Ruby Hybrid

sweet ruby 2011_03_20_17_24_570001sweet ruby 2011_03_20_17_24_570002

All Alarm Hot Mix

all alarm hot 2011_03_20_17_36_490001all alarm hot 2011_03_20_17_36_490002

Limon Caliente!

limon caliente! 2011_03_20_17_50_47_Page_1limon caliente! 2011_03_20_17_50_47_Page_2

Jalapeno M

Eggplant Park’s Whopper Hybrid

eggplant whopper 2011_03_20_18_54_180001eggplant whopper 2011_03_20_18_54_180002


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