Posted by: cosmicgarden | November 9, 2011

Profound Thoughts of the Day

I tried to explain marriage to my daughter, but I realize I’ve never received a satisfactory explanation myself. I’ve spoken with my spiritual advisor and she says the special thing I have with my husband is the sacrament of marriage. So how do we get that special thing? It doesn’t seem to come with the ceremony, religious or otherwise. It comes from somewhere else. And it seems quite rare and fragile. Anyway, I love Flo. And Carl Sagan. What a brilliant man he was.


Flo Kennedy and Gloria Steinem







“Going in and out of a closet, your mind is on what you really want in there. But the minute the door locks, all you want is out.”      

~Florynce R. Kennedy, Esq.


Happy Carl Sagan Day!

“It’s his birthday. If you were hoping to celebrate by making an apple pie from scratch, as is customary, I hope you remembered to start your universe preheating well ahead of time. It takes over 13 billion years, you know.”

~PZ Myers



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