Posted by: cosmicgarden | December 3, 2011

Crustless “Crab” Quiche

I must be out of “little kids” –not one person in the house turned their nose up at this “crab” quiche.  In fact, we ate one whole pie for lunch. We did add some red pepper sauce, though. Our oven seems to be a bit hot. I said “I don’t think quiche  supposed to be browned like this.” He said, “That’s okay, Martha’s not coming for lunch.” Our 7-yr-old said, “Who’s Martha?”


I adapted this recipe by using what was in the cupboard. We used a whole large carrot, and halved the amounts of herbs since we had to use dried dill and basil. We used fake crab. I buttered the pie pans before filling and it made two nice pies.

Glutenfreemommy’s CRAB QUICHE

1/2 cup carrot, grated

2 Tablespoons butter

1/4 cup green onions, diced or cut in 1/2 inch slices

1 teaspoon fresh dill

1 tablespoon fresh basil

16 oz. fresh crabmeat

1 can evaporated milk

5 eggs

2 Tablespoons dry sherry

1 Tablespoon prepared mustard

1/2 teaspoon salt


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Saute carrot in butter until tender. Add green onions, dill and basil; cook one minute. Remove from heat and stir in the crab. Cover the bottom of a pie plate or quiche pan with the crab mixture. If you have too much of the crab mixture, make a second smaller quiche. Beat the eggs, evaporated milk, sherry, mustard, and salt. Pour over crab mixture in pans. If you are making a second quiche, reserve enough of the egg mixture to cover the crab in the second dish. Bake until the quiche(s) is set, about 45 minutes.

Serves 4-6


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