Posted by: cosmicgarden | December 12, 2011

Another Pine Tree


A few days ago Mike planted the girl’s tree which she brought home earlier this year in a pot. It is past the back of the driveway next to the edge of the lot. The plan had been to put it in the ground much earlier but things didn’t work out that way!

I don’t even know if it’s a “pine” tree. It could be a spruce or fir tree. I always call our big tree in the front a “pine” tree even though my woodsman friend tells me it is a spruce.

After all the damage last winter to that big old tree, I felt a strong urge to plant another big tree so was happy she brought one home from school. The one planted one or two ? years ago by the back shed was doing well this year, slowly minding its own business at the far back of the lot. 

It’s too cold out to get motivated to take a picture but I wanted to document the date. I know it’s late and cold but I do think in the ground is better than hanging out in a pot as far as survival through the winter goes. We shall see.

I hope to learn more about what specific kind it is some time. These two small trees, give them 10 years, they should be nice.


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