Posted by: cosmicgarden | December 30, 2011

Serious Terps


terps2 shop – Terps:

I got a really really nice batch of henna from Mehandi, and am only now getting around to using it, it’s been in the deep freeze for some time.

I wish there was a way to put smellovision on a website so you could get a wonderful whiff of these ancient healing oils that are surrounding me in the breath of the woods, herbs and spice as the henna dries.

The ones I used in some freeform combination were:

*Cajeput, Geranium Bourbon and Clove Bud Terps   

*Naiouli, Wild Thyme and Rosemary    

*Tea Tree, Cedarwood and Vetiver Terps

2011 016

I am not much of an artist but the oils work their aromatherapy magic on

the deep part of my brain and it’s quite soothing.

2011 022

I’m practicing.

2011 024 

Older designs are already fading.

2011 023


  1. Oh aren’t their Serious Terps fantastic? And you are a wonderful artist. There is a lot of beautiful feeling there! And really, to me anyways, that is what henna is all about, how it makes you feel. You feel a soothing calm, backed by a hint of excitement while doing the henna. Then you get to feel the mysterious loveliness while wearing the henna. I especially love it on my palms for every day living. The slight flash the drive through guy gets that makes him do a double take as you hand him your card. The look you get while handing someone cash at the counter of the store. The new acquaintances that shyly ask if they can see your hand. I love it all!

  2. Wow! I think you’re really good! And you’re right about not apologizing–it’s fun to be a dabbler!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement! I really want to get the pottery studio area set up this year but I might not have time since more insulation in the walls of the house are a huge priority this coming summer. But my work is soooo dryyyyy, I feel my soul powdering into dust after a while and I need something to add a little life! And seriously, I think the cedarwood or related oils do something helpful for my nerves and muscles, I feel physically better after breathing it in for a while. I’m really glad you showed me!

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