Posted by: cosmicgarden | January 21, 2012

Hunter’s Chicken Stew and January photos


We started with this idea for a recipe but improvised by using chicken that was taken off the bones from last night’s roasted bird. I sautéed onion, celery, and bell pepper in a tsp. of fat from the roasting pan. Added sliced carrots, frozen peas and green beans to increase the veggies. A pint of dried tomatoes from the garden, soaked for a while, added the tomatoes and juice. 8 oz. of fresh mushrooms sliced and after it all cooks down a while I’ll add the chicken and a cup of flavor made last night by deglazing the roaster with white wine.

Basically it’s just a rich tomato-based chicken stew.

Going to serve it over this baked polenta. Which was jazzed up a tiny bit with a shake of aged parmesan on the last stir.

January photos from previous years.

january 2007 001january 2007 028

My co-workers gave me a big ol’ can of WhoopAss. I was afraid to drink it. I’m saving it for an emergency. Want to be careful with that!image

12-2007 001

2009 January 013001007010212

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