Posted by: cosmicgarden | February 24, 2012

A little prayer for Wendy :)

My spiritual meditation today is a cross between Red Green with the Duck/Duct Tape, and Aretha putting it out there with You better think! (think)”


I changed the words to this song and added mental subtitles thinking of you Smile

The moment I wake up  step up
Before I put on my makeup (which means almost always)
I say a little prayer for you (yooooooooouuuuu…!)



Unfortunately for my audience here at home the singing is NOT just mentally, and I have no idea why my little dog gets so worried when I start wailing Aretha (“this is my *pray-hair*! I’m in love with *you-hoo*!”)


Next song, poor dogs, oh buddy lookout it’s

“I ain’t never loved a man …”  “how COULD YOU hurt me so bad?” “I ain’t nevah nevah NO NO….”


And all the backup vocals to RESPECT “ooh- ooh- just a little bit—just a little bit” “whip it to me” “R E S P E C T”


  1. I love it! 🙂

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