Posted by: cosmicgarden | March 18, 2012

Irish Immigrants


Americans resented the Irish, and were not glad they came. This caused many barriers.

The Irish were put under strict medical exams, and were sent back if they had poor health,

which many had because of the bad health care in Ireland. A good majority of Catholic Irish were sent back,

too. America was a predominately Protestant nation. Catholics were feared and detested,

and Americans thought that their culture, religions,

and backgrounds could not be retained if thousands of Irish immigrants moved in.

To get around these barriers many lied about religion,

and came back to America a repeated number of times after they

had received some medical attention to past the exams.

  Gradually the famine subsided, but the land tenure system in Ireland

was so unfair that the Irish continued to emigrate by the thousands. Eventually,

the Irish became one of the largest ethnic groups in the United States.

  If possible, some Irish still try to immigrate to the United States,

but due to certain government laws the Irish. Other Europeans,

have to wait many years before they are permitted to come over.

Today, a reason the pushes them away from Ireland is that many fear civil war and discrimination

between the Catholics and the Protestants.

Irish Immigrants

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