Posted by: cosmicgarden | March 19, 2012

Wild West Travel Notes


*Buffalo, WY is exciting

Because there’s a bathroom.

With a sink and running water to wash your hands in.

*Best Bumper Sticker “F*@& ‘Em if They Can’t Take a Joke!”

(ok, maybe not THE best.)

*Interesting Stop in Kooskia, ID –Western Motor Inn, and Purple Feather Smoke Stop

Also by Kooskia – *Looking Glass Historical Site

*Hell’s Canyon – Hells yeah!

*Hoot’s Café & Motel – HOOT!

A business for sale: Kooskia Theatre – “4 Sale by Owner 926-0094”

*Nez Perce War 

Stites (At the Fire Hall the US Flag hangs on the flagpole, with an upside down Gadsden flag below it. Even for a white person the urge is to get on the gas and hope not to break down anywhere near there. How frightening that would be for a person of color!”

Southfork, Stites, Kooskia

Riggins ID “Whitewater Capital” Pop. 410

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