Posted by: cosmicgarden | March 21, 2012

Bread and Honey–updated

UPDATE~March 2012

Here’s a link to some related music

imageGetting The Bread Out: Pre-Passover Coverfolk  (folksongs of bread, biscuits, beer, and other leavened foods)

The list included some of my favorites: American Pie and John Barleycorn Smile


Sean’s bread was so delicious.

Toasted with butter it was so nice and crusty on the outside, soft tender and yeasty on the inside, with the sweetness of currants, every now and then a subtle licorice taste of fennel, and tart cranberry tempting one to have another piece.

2012 006

Seven begged for a spoonful of honey on hers. I thought it was gilding the lily, but on the other hand…..2012 012

I think the beekeeper, Elton Franklin, of Hot Springs, Montana, would have approved this bread as worthy of the bees who made the honey.

2012 016

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