Posted by: cosmicgarden | March 21, 2012

To his son

When you begin to know me you will know an old man– sadder still is to know that’s the very *BEST* scenario!

Hearts go still, Life is fragile

Above all: I am in love with you- pinwheeled bedazzled aching love –if you know nothing else about your father know this: I loved you.

I yearn for our golden afternoon in late August

I yearn to shake your hand

I want to scatter good books about the house and I hope I’m there to see you turn that first precious page

I yearn to watch you perform your first act of kindness and generosity

I yearn to witness your first act of moral courage, to utter that difficult word “No”

Timmy, it’s hard to imagine as I watch you now. so lighthearted, so purely good, so ignorant of gravestones, that you are in for a world of hurt — and despair—bitterness, anger, heartache, sin—which is to say that you are in for being alive.


The good part of this talk starts about 9:59

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