Posted by: cosmicgarden | May 5, 2012

Peace Piece


Bill E



“Unresolved melodic and harmonic tensions and the constant presence of a pedal point containing two fluctuating chords also occur in this piece. The piece starts out spare and melodic and is also a modal tone poem equal to anything Erik Satie composed. This modest and ultimately quiet "Peace Piece," is a timeless, meditational, reverent, pastoral improvisation that is more a mood than a composition.  The tune has no changes or a 32-bar structure, it consists of a freeform melody over a simple left-hand ostinato and is played in rubato. The tune is based on a succession of scales, which the player extends at will before going onto another scale, a kind of balance between structured and free. The tune, therefore, would never be played the same way twice.This is the nature of a free piece: the structure as well as the melody is unique to each individual performance occasion. The solo piece was done at the end of the recording session when everybody was sent home.”

vans composition Peace Piece


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