Posted by: cosmicgarden | June 1, 2012

Chive Butter

This is an incomplete post. I thought I’d documented the efforts last year but apparently not!  I didn’t get pictures of the early part of the process.

Chives are hard to keep. Dried like other herbs makes an end product similar to dried grass.

But preserved in the deep-freeze in butter—Delicious!

Room temp butter (this time it is fresh butter we made ourselves from local cream), mashed and mixed with lots of chives from the garden,  a dash of course salt and fresh ground pepper, a pinch of white pepper, and a bit of parmesan.

This is heavenly —to have a pat on a grilled steak or roasted veggie… yum!… and keeps very well if wrapped well.

These are pictures of the the wrapped product. Rolled into a log, then waxed paper, then foil and plastic wrap. This will easily last a year or more in the deep-freeze, and taste as fresh as the day it was picked!


2012 0012012 002

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