Posted by: cosmicgarden | June 23, 2012


I know, I know, I constantly link to Margaret and Helen. Well, I do like the way they speak their mind. Even if they do seem overly enamored of the Democratic Party.

For the record, my vagina pays taxes. My vagina is registered to vote.  This year about 8 million more voting booths will have vaginas in them than talleywhackers, which is odd because the United States still ranks 70th in terms of vaginas in elected office. Vaginas comprise 52% of the population in the United States yet vaginas only hold a quarter of elected offices.  I think maybe it’s time for A Million Vagina March. Does anyone else agree?

If Republicans don’t like the word vagina then maybe they shouldn’t pass laws that force women to have unnecessary transvaginal ultrasounds before seeking an abortion.  I guess Rick Perry didn’t realize that vaginal refers to vagina, but then again he went to Texas A&M so we’re lucky if he can spell vaginal much less realize it refers to a vagina.

Vagina is a 6 Letter Word « Margaret and Helen

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