Posted by: cosmicgarden | June 30, 2012

10 kinds of squash and sunflowers

I liked the look of the Romanesco last year, but I think it needed more water, it was a bit neglected with other things going on. This year should be better.

romanesco 2012_06_26_10_38_50_Page_1romanesco 2012_06_26_10_38_50_Page_2seeds squash and beands 2012_06_26_10_40_34_Page_13

This Golden Hubbard is the one that will take the longest. So I am making a bet on the weather in September.

The winter squashes that take so long have been planted in the protected area on the side of the cartent. They will have afternoon sun as I can train them up the fence. I had good luck there with pumpkins before, hoping for the best this time.seeds squash and beands 2012_06_26_10_40_34_Page_14

seeds squash and beands 2012_06_26_10_40_34_Page_11

I didn’t have luck with this “Sweet Meat” before, but it looked interesting. Will try it again this year.

seeds squash and beands 2012_06_26_10_40_34_Page_12seeds squash and beands 2012_06_26_10_40_34_Page_07

WE love acorn squash. Or at least I do, there’s sometimes a bit of coercion involved when it comes to getting the kids to eat it. But they eat it—and I have an opportunity to try new recipes Smile

seeds squash and beands 2012_06_26_10_40_34_Page_08

WE have Table King and Table Queen and it will be interesting to compare the varieties.

seeds squash and beands 2012_06_26_10_40_34_Page_25seeds squash and beands 2012_06_26_10_40_34_Page_26

I have only ever been able to bring one butternut all the way to ripeness. Trying it again this year.

seeds squash and beands 2012_06_26_10_40_34_Page_23seeds squash and beands 2012_06_26_10_40_34_Page_24

My favorite is the summer squash, though. And the blossoms, oh the blossoms. Ever since discovering the joy of stuffed summer squash blossoms ~a little goat cheese and herbs in the middle, dipped in a light egg batter and fried…ooohhhh, ummmm heaven! They are a treat and so perishable it’s something I could never have enjoyed without a garden. These Irish Eyes seeds were old, we’ll see how they do.

seeds squash and beands 2012_06_26_10_40_34_Page_06seeds squash and beands 2012_06_26_10_40_34_Page_05

I kind of like the straightneck better when cutting in slices. I have the impression it doesn’t taste as good as the crookneck but that could be just my imagination. We’ll test it out later, I hope.

seeds squash and beands 2012_06_26_10_40_34_Page_28seeds squash and beands 2012_06_26_10_40_34_Page_27The Great Sunflower Project sent me some tiny wild sunflower seeds and I am going to count bees when they bloom. That will be some time from now, I’m afraid. Nights are still quite cool and here it is end of June on a sunny day. Only 70F on the front porch. I feel lucky compared to the rest of the country burning up.

seeds squash and beands 2012_06_26_10_40_34_Page_21

There was one massive sunflower last year that had a stalk as thick as the top of my arm. I think one of its babies has re-seeded in the same spot. Can’t wait to see what it does. Sunflowers around the garden re-seed all over. I try to limit them to certain areas since there is some concern they will impair the growth of other garden plants. I need to research that some more.

seeds squash and beands 2012_06_26_10_40_34_Page_19seeds squash and beands 2012_06_26_10_40_34_Page_20seeds squash and beands 2012_06_26_10_40_34_Page_17seeds squash and beands 2012_06_26_10_40_34_Page_18seeds squash and beands 2012_06_26_10_40_34_Page_15seeds squash and beands 2012_06_26_10_40_34_Page_16

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