Posted by: cosmicgarden | June 30, 2012


Odd but I consider myself a radish connoisseur. Hungry days when I was determined to not waste a thing led to what I now consider gourmet skills. Radish leaf soup is delicate and delicious and the pickled radish pods are best enjoyed with smoked salmon on a cracker, or in place of capers anywhere. Could be it’s just me… but I like ‘em. I try all different kinds. But I’m not growing the special podding kind again until I get rid of the rest of the pickled pods in the cupboard. Most people kind of wrinkle their nose when I show them. They do have a strong mace flavor, from the old cajun recipe I used, and they are quite spicy.

radish 2012_06_26_11_19_43_Page_1radish 2012_06_26_11_19_43_Page_2

Here’s my flexible recipe for Radish Soup:

Saute chopped onion and garlic and celery if desired in butter and olive oil. Then add chopped radish leaves and radishes.

After the radishes and leaves are tender add chicken broth and after that is hot add some cream. Yes, it is cream of radish soup and it is delectable. Salt and fresh ground pepper. A sprinkle of Parmesan at the end makes it even better.

Any variation of this is good. I really like it with home-grown radishes because when you buy them in the store the leaves are often too beat up.

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