Posted by: cosmicgarden | June 30, 2012

Waterton Lakes May Long Camping « Canadian Hiking Photography


The photos on this post were amazing, of my favorite places on the planet. What incredible photos and fun kids. I hope these guys will come visit when they get down a few miles farther south to Flathead Lake some day. My sons could show them some spots in the Missions.

After setting up camp we took a short walk down to the nearby creek to take some photos of the amazing view of the stars that night.

We woke the next morning with low level clouds and light rain, so we decided to head into town. On the drive there we stopped along the deserted highway to take some photos.

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Waterton Lakes May Long Camping « Canadian Hiking Photography

So FUNNY, too! I laughed about the “no driving with hats” and the squirrel which shat in his backpack LOLOL…. Smile

After driving back to our camp site we decided to have a few drinks and walk around. We came across this sign in a nearby field. …NO driving with hats.

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